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" The Pearl of Africa "

Being in the country of "eternal spring" can be the dream of many, if it turns out that this is only one of the aspects that make Uganda a unique country in the world, then perhaps it is worth turning this dream into reality.

A few times in life it can happen to see in a single trip the most fascinating animals of the forest: the lions, the rare leopard, herds of elephants and buffaloes, the spotted hyena. However, it is the emotion of the encounter with the very rare mountain gorilla that transforms this journey into an unforgettable life experience.

"The Pearl of Africa" was defined by former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, a man who knew a lot about exotic lands. In fact, in 1962, at the end of English colonial rule, Uganda was considered one of the most prosperous and advanced countries in all of Africa. This nation in the center of the continent, a little smaller than Italy, looks like a large plateau at over a thousand meters high, dotted with a series of vast lakes, including Vittoria (the largest in Africa and second in the world) from which the White Nile is born, and on the edges by a series of volcanic reliefs including the Virunga and the Ruwenzori, 4-5 thousand meters high, better known by the gentle name of Monti della Luna.

We speak of the great nineteenth-century explorers in Africa, in the perennial search for the mythical springs of the Nile, where the Italian prince Luigi di Savoia-Aosta, duke of the Abruzzi wrote a brilliant page. Although it is crossed by the equator, the abundance of water, the high rainfall, the altitude and the mild climate make it a very fertile country, with high production of coffee, cotton, tea, cocoa and tobacco.

The major tourist attraction is the visit to the mountain gorillas, one of the most endangered animal species. In the Impenetrable Bwindi Forest, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, 340 gorillas live, divided into thirty families of 10-15 specimens composed of a dominant male, a massive silver-haired patriarch, and a harem of females with the little ones and the young people who move continuously in the thick of the forest in the perennial search for fresh food, leaves, sprouts and berries.


" The Mountain Gorilla "

Entebbe - Kampala - Murchison Falls - Budongo Forest 

Queen Elizabeth National Park - Bwindi Forest National Park

9 days  / 8 nights


The Mountain Gorilla


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